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Non-Standards Are Our Standard


Precision single and cross- hole drilling

From 0.8mm hole diameter and larger.

Precision single and cross- hole drilling, voretex etc, from 0.8mm hole diameter and larger. Typically through threads and heads on bolts and as required on other components. All materials are worked from copper, brass and aluminium through stainless steel to bolts of grade 14.9 (1600 N/mm2)

Drilling on manufactured components or free issue fasteners has been undertaken in our factory for a number of years. In the Autumn 2018 we took over the specialist vertical and horizontal drillling machines that were used by Rod Dunning of Werneth Manufacturing in Hyde. Rod was looking to retire and wanted a good engineering company to take on his trade. We were fortunate that Rod was able to travel on a regular basis to train our engineers and teach them the techniques that he had learnt from working more than 60 years in the engineering business.

Since the arrival of the Werneth equipment, we have made additional investment to both the drilling machines and the specialised jigs that are needed to ensure that hole quality meets the drawing tolerances.

secondary operations - drilling bolts
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