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Non-Standards Are Our Standard

Special Fastener Manufacture – Large Diameter Pins (CNC Machining)

special pins large diameter manufacture

Here’s an example of our fastener manufacturing capabilities, which shows that not all our fasteners are threaded.

These 106mm x 220mm drilled pins were manufactured on a CNC machine in our onsite machine shop.

cnc manufacture special pins fasteners


The above picture shows the pin inside the CNC machine during manufacturing.  A hole is then drilled into the pin to accommodate an R Clip.

We have extensive fastener manufacturing capabilities and many years of experience in providing high quality fastener solutions.  As well as CNC machining, we offer extensive forging and threading solutions to meet your needs.

Alongside our special fastener manufacturing capabilities, we hold large stocks of finished bolts in metric and imperial threadforms.

We also carry an extensive range of bolt blanks, enabling us to rapidly meet your needs, however complex.

We can also perform chemical and mechanical testing in-house via our well-equipped quality control department.

Contact us to discuss any requirements you may have and we’ll be happy to help.

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