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Non-Standards Are Our Standard

24Jul 13

Special Fastener Manufacture – M12 x 505 Hex Bolts 8.8 BZP

long bolts, m12 x 500, special bolts, bolt manufacture

Our expertise in the manufacture of special and difficult to manufacture bolts was recognised and we produced the bolts pictured above for use by a multinational manufacturer of offroad vehicles.

The bolt illustrated above is M12 diameter x 505mm long, which was forged in our factory and then heat treated to achieve the mechanical properties grade 8.8. Due to the relatively small diameter and the long length of more than half a metre, distortion of the bolt shank is inevitable during the heat treatment process.  This required us to check and 100% rectify the batch using a hydraulic press, which is a skilled operation.

The final operation involves a zinc plating process which provided the anti-corrosion properties that are required for the application.

For further information, contact our experienced technical sales staff and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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12Jun 13

EIFI General Assembly

EIFI (3)

Tim Garton represented Smith Bulllough at the European Industrial Fasteners Institute (EIFI) annual General Assembly held at Stratford upon Avon.

The meeting delegates represented all the main European bolt manufacturers.


Meetings took place which included the state of the market in each country, as well as reports on different sectors including Automotive and Construction.

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03May 13

CE Marked Bolts in the Construction Industry


Tim Garton and John Hilton attended a seminar in West Bromwich where the Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC – CPD) was discussed.

David Moore, Director of Engineering from the BCSA, explained to the delegates the implications of this EU Directive and how it will affect fasteners used in the UK’s Construction industry with effect from 1st July 2013.

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21Mar 13

Special Fastener Manufacture – Large Diameter Pins (CNC Machining)

special pins large diameter manufacture

Here’s an example of our fastener manufacturing capabilities, which shows that not all our fasteners are threaded.

These 106mm x 220mm drilled pins were manufactured on a CNC machine in our onsite machine shop.

cnc manufacture special pins fasteners


The above picture shows the pin inside the CNC machine during manufacturing.  A hole is then drilled into the pin to accommodate an R Clip.

We have extensive fastener manufacturing capabilities and many years of experience in providing high quality fastener solutions.  As well as CNC machining, we offer extensive forging and threading solutions to meet your needs.

Alongside our special fastener manufacturing capabilities, we hold large stocks of finished bolts in metric and imperial threadforms.

We also carry an extensive range of bolt blanks, enabling us to rapidly meet your needs, however complex.

We can also perform chemical and mechanical testing in-house via our well-equipped quality control department.

Contact us to discuss any requirements you may have and we’ll be happy to help.

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19Dec 12

Greater Manchester ‘Good Work: Good Health’ Charter Award


The Good Work : Good Health Charter is about working together to ensure that work doesn’t impact on health and that health doesn’t impact on work.

Kim Fishwick was our project leader who received the certificate of accreditation from Active@Work representatives.

We are the ninth company in the Greater Manchester region to receive this accreditation.

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03Oct 12

Wigan Council Supported Employment

Smith Bullough have recently participated in the Wigan Council Supported Employment scheme.

Stuart is 24 years old and has Down’s Syndrome.  Diane Wood, Employment Training Advisor, says:  ‘Work Experience is very useful in helping Stuart to develop work-related skills and will benefit his future employment prospects’.

The staff at Smith Bullough enjoy working with Stuart and the company has benefited from the work that he has undertaken in the warehouse.

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27Jul 12

Bolt Manufacturing for the Nuclear Industry

Smith Bullough were one of only half a dozen manufacturing companies that were invited to take part in a day seminar at the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Rotherham.

Nuclear AMRC is one of the CATAPULT High Value Manufacturing centres that the UK is establishing.

The visit, run under the Fit For Nuclear programme, included presentations on Advancing UK Nuclear Manufacturing and The Current Position & Opportunities, one to one sessions and a tour of the facility.


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25Apr 12

Mach 12 Machine Tool Exhibition

The Mach 12 exhibition at the NEC is held every two years to showcase the machine tool industry and associated products.

The global, quality, and precision aspects of this industry were demonstrated by the number of Formula 1 cars on display.

Machining is an important secondary function that is of significant importance to us, especially when manufacturing specials.

Useful contacts were made with tooling and quality equipment suppliers.

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05Apr 12

Visit to Wire 2012 Exhibition, Dusseldorf

We visited the bi-annual Wire & Tube exhibition which was held in March 2012 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Hall 15 housed the large display of fastener machinery and associated suppliers.  This exhibition prides itself in being the most important of its type in Europe.

On the Nedschroef stand, they were featuring the latest generation of high speed multi-station cold forging machines.  The machine pictured below is the Nedform 6-die cold former.

The machine was set up to produce both the washer and the spline shaft which are illustrated in the pictures below.

The parts are complicated enough to produce yet the time witnessed to change from the one to the other was less than 5 minutes – truly amazing!  This speed of change is made possible by the computer and electronic controls featured on this machine.

A number of new manufacturing ideas were noted and contacts were made, which will ensure that our production capability is at the top of its class.

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10Feb 12

Nuclear safety culture

A Nuclear Safety Culture and Human Performance workshop was held at the Dalton Institute in Manchester on 9th February. It was attended by David Seddon, our Quality Manager, and other industrialists and academics.

Smith Bullough manufactures bolts which can be used in the Nuclear and Renewable energy industries.

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